Mo - Fr 22.-26.8.2022 6th European Congress of Conservation Biology Veranstalter: Society for Conservation Biology Ort: Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
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6th European Congress of Conservation Biology

“Biodiversity crisis in a changing world”: The current biodiversity crisis have led to a call for transformative change globally and in Europe - a change in how we interact with Nature that reduces pressure on biodiversity and secure Natures’ Benefits to People. This challenges how we perform conservation science, and calls for science-based practices that put humans and nature on a track that takes us out of the current crisis.

The central theme highlighting the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of the grand challenge of conserving nature. We welcome delegates and students from a range of sectors, and disciplines. We intend ECCB2022 to be an opportunity for scientists and practitioners to learn about and discuss the latest advances in conservation science, policy, and technology, so that they can study and conserve biodiversity better.
We particularly encourage suggestions for symposia, workshops, and courses from conservation practitioners and policy makers, as well as those focused on new policies, methods, and tools that can be directly applied to conservation.
Special attention will be given to proposals addressing science-policy initiatives such as Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the European Green Deal, aspects of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Scientific Committee will also prioritise courses on methodological developments, e.g. in citizen science, and in technologies for collecting and analysing data.


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Organizer: Society for Conservation Biology

Date: 22.-26.8.2022

Location: Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague